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Chinas Advanced Key Components of Paper Machines(I)

麻将顺口溜大全搞笑 www.jopirb.com.cn 近年來,圍繞高速、寬幅、節能、緊湊和自動化等方面,中國國產造紙機及其配套的關鍵部件取得明顯技術進步。中國制造的紙機、紙板機整機性能水平,將在下一期論述。本期主要闡述與造紙機配套的關鍵部件。

In recent years, China’s homebred paper machines and key supporting components have achieved great progress in operation speed, wire width, energy saving, compactness and automation. The overall operation performance of China homebred paper machine will be discussed in the next issue. In this issue, the key supporting components of paper machines will be clarified below.



河南大指研發的稀釋水流漿箱(見圖1),應用在江河紙業PM6 5600/1500的水平夾網紙機上,主要參數:上漿量1423L/s,設計上網濃度0.9%~1.5 %,唇口寬度6180mm,上唇板微調器個數61個,上唇板微調器距離102mm,稀釋白水控制閥間距60mm,稀釋水量為總進漿量的7%12%。

1. Headbox with dilution water

Nowadays, the deviation of profile basis weight is usually controlled by means of regulating the consistency with dilution water on modern highspeed paper machines. This regulating method is featured with high precision and efficiency, and the ability to keep the slice from deformation. Based on the existing air-cushion headbox technology, Zhejiang Huazhang Technology (formerly Hangzhou Meichen) and Henan Dazhi Paper Machinery have developed the dilution water hydraulic headbox with independent intellectual property.

The dilution water headbox (Figure 1) developed by Henan Dazhi Machinery has been applied to PM6 5600/1500 horizontal twin-wire forming paper machine in Henan Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd. Specifications: slurry volume 1423L/s; designed slurry consistency 0.9%-1.5%; slice width: 6180mm; upper slice trimmers: 61 sets; distance between upper slice trimmers: 102mm; distance between dilution white water valves: 60mm; the max. diluting water volume: 7%-12% on total slurry volume.



1  河南大指研發的稀釋水流漿箱




江河紙業PM6 5600/1500紙機上配套使用河南大指公司開發的水平夾網成形器(如圖2),實現了壓力脫水、脈沖脫水、離心脫水和真空脫水等多種脫水方式。在漿料著網點及噴射角調節機構、彈性加壓脫水靴、弧形脫水箱的研發以及氣流干擾消減器和白水收集裝置具有創新性。各脫水元件最大真空度:脫水板箱-5kPa,倒掛吸水箱-7.6/-10/-20kPa,高真空箱-20/-33/-65/-65kPa,真空伏輥-45/-65kPa。

2. Twin-wire former

The twin-wire former has a better performance compared with that of the traditional one. It could realize sheet dewatering from both sides to improve the sheet two-sideness, raise dewatering efficiency, forming quality, as well as the productive capacity. Moreover, short and closed forming area makes it more adapted to high-speed operation. And a more compact internal structure of the former helps to lower its space requirement.

The twin-wire former (Figure 2) developed by Dazhi Machinery has been installed on PM6 5600/1500 paper machine in Henan Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd. It realized various dehydration methods, such as pressurized dehydration, pulse dehydration, centrifugal dehydration and vacuum dehydration. The innovative progress has been made in the regulating device for slurry jet location and jet angle, elastic pressurized dehydration shoe, arcshaped dehydration tank and air-flow interference reducer, as well as white water collectors. Maximum vacuum degree of various dehydration devices is as follow: dehydration tank: -5kPa; upside-down suction box: -7.6/-10/-20kPa; highvacuum box: -20/-33/-65/-65kPa; vacumm couch roll: -45/-65kPa.



2  江河紙業水平夾網成形器運行現場





3. Shoe press

Shoe press technology is featured by high webdryness, good operating efficiency and improved product quality, making it one of the major effective solutions for energy conservation of paper machine. It’s predicted that in the near future, traditional roller press will be completely replaced by shoe press that is more adapted to the medium and high-speed paper machines (500-1500m/min).

The newly developed shoe press (Figure 3) by Shandong Changhua Machiner y is of g reat innovation. Firstly, there are four functional areas (static pressure nip, dynamic pressure nip, oil discharging area, and oil level holding area) between shoe plate and blanket, which could strengthen the lubrication and form a proper pressure distribution. Secondly, the sealing device that matches frame type oil seal with wear-resistant sleeves prolongs the lifetime and brings about good sealing effect. Thirdly, roll shell forging technology was applied to accommodate with the alternating stress resulted from high linear pressure. The innovative achievement for shoe press facility has been applied in practical production.